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"Shark" Box Tools Set

• Unique design "Shark" style box.
• With sliding Euro hanging clip on backside.
• Supplied in individual packaging with backside colorful sticker.

15Pcs Bits Set (BTI-SKB-BS15)


- 14pcs bits: 25mm, 1/4" C6.3.

SL5, SL6


PH1, PH2

PZ1, PZ2

TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25, TX30

- 1pc bits holder

New! 6Pcs Power Bits Set (BTI-SKB-BS06)

this set contains 6pcs power bits with 1/4" E6.3 hex shank, lengths could be:

89mm, 100mm and 125mm.

bits holder is also available for combination with power bits.

10Pcs Jigsaw Blades Set (BTI-SKB-JB10)


10pcs jigsaw blades, with "T" type shank. 

- 3pcs. for rough wood, 100X1.0X6T (58CrV, milled teeth)

- 3pcs. for fine wood, 100X1.0X8T (58CrV, milled teeth)

- 2pcs. for metal (short) 75X1.0X21T (HSS M2, milled teeth)

- 2pcs. for wood curve, 75X1.3X18T (58CrV, S-type, ground tooth)

Remarks: "S" type shank jigsaw blades are also available.

New! 6Pcs Stubby Hex Shank Drills Set (BTI-SKB-DB12)


- 5pcs stubby hex shank wood drills (BTI-SKB-DB12W)

sizes: 3.0-4.0-5.0-6.0-8.0mm.

all drills are 59mm length, 1/4" E6.3 hex shank. HSS M2, fully ground, bi-colors finishing.

- 5pcs stubby hex shank HSS metal drills (BTI-SKB-DB12M)

sizes: 2x46 - 3x46 - 4x53 - 5x59 - 6x59mm.

1/4" E6.3 hex shank. HSS M2, fully ground, 135-degree split point.

- 1pc 60mm magnetic bits holder: stainless steel.

- 6pcs screw bits: 25mm, 1/4" C6.3. S2. Sandblast with (or without) color ring.

6Pcs Drills Set (BTI-SKB-DS06), all drills are with regular round shank.

BTI-SKB-DS06A: 6pcs masonry drills, milled, sandblast, YG8 tip, 3.0mm-3.0mm-4.0mm-4.0mm-5.0mm-5mm

(or forged, chrome plated, 3.0mm-4.0mm-4.0mm-5.0mm-6.0mm-6.0mm)

BTI-SKB-DS06B: 6pcs wood drills, carbon steel, bright/black, 3.0mm-3.0mm-4.0mm-4.0mm-5.0mm-5.0mm

BTI-SKB-DS06C: 6pcs masonry & wood drills, contains:

masonry drills, chrome plated. 4.0mm-5.0mm-6.0mm

wood drills 3.0mm-4.0mm-5.0mm

BTI-SKB-DS06D: 6pcs HSS drills, TiN coated, 3.0mm-3.0mm-4.0mm-4.0mm-5.0mm-5.0mm

(or 3.0mm-3.5mm-4.0mm-4.5mm-4.8mm-5.0mm)

BTI-SKB-DS06E: 6pcs cobalt drills, 3.0mm-3.0mm-4.0mm-4.0mm-5.0mm-5.0mm

BTI-SKB-DS06F: 6pcs HSS drills & masonry drills, contains:

HSS drills 3.0mm-4.0mm-5.0mm

masonry drills, milled sandblast. 3.0mm-4.0mm-5.0mm

BTI-SKB-DS06G: 6pcs combination drills, contains:

HSS metal drills, TiN coated. 4.0mm-5.0mm

masonry drills, milled, sandblast. 4.0mm-5.0mm

wood drills, bright/black. 4.0mm-5.0mm

BTI-566664-18BTI-566664-14BTI-566664-16BTI-566664-17BTI-566664-19BTI-566664-15 13



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